Understand How to Complete your AREA Forms


When you dreamed of becoming a REALTOR®, I seriously doubt part of that dream was all the paperwork that you need to complete. And need to complete properly; otherwise it's putting both you and your clients at risk. 

The Real Estate Council of Alberta (RECA), shows you, the forms that you're going to need to complete in order to represent your clients. However they don't teach you how to fill them out properly or have conversations about them with your clients.  Many Brokerage's also don't have formal training programs on how to complete them and/or when each document is meant to be used. Leaving it to the REALTOR® to either figure it out on their own; or ask other REALTORS® and hope that they're correct with the information given to them. 

Now don't get me wrong, there are some Brokerage's out there that take pride in their training programs! And have a formal program given to it's new and existing REALTORS® to help them achieve. MaxWell Devonshire Realty is one of those Brokerage's. Making training and development the CORE of their Mission Statement. 

Through this video you'll be introduced to how to create a Transaction Kit through CREA Webforms®. To signup for the complete course click here and be brought to my REALTOR® Coaching Website: https://www.awardagentaccelerator.com provides you tools and tactics on how to succeed in the Real Estate Industry! 



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