5 DAILY GRATITUDES - February 20th 2024


In this series of Blogs, I'm going to be expressing 5 things I'm grateful for daily. Focusing on the positives within our lives is proven to bring us more happiness & attraction of more positives! I hope that by reading this daily Blog; it inspires you to find the things you're grateful for and be able to express thanks for them as well.

  1. I'm grateful that my new office renovation is ahead of schedule and is looking awesome!
  2. I'm grateful that I have the absolute trust of some of my associates; to the point that they're willing to trust me with personal development coaching
  3. I'm grateful to be able to watch my son grow up and continue to become such an amazing human
  4. I'm grateful to have been the best MaxWell Brokerage in agent retention. As it's the primary focus of ours
  5. I'm grateful to be have been chosen to list a foreclosure property, on behalf of Scotia Bank


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