5 DAILY GRATITUDES - February 5th 2024



In this series of Blogs, I'm going to be expressing 5 things I'm grateful for daily. Focusing on the positives within our lives is proven to bring us more happiness & attraction of more positives! I hope that by reading this daily Blog update; it inspires you to find the things you're grateful for and be able to express thanks for them as well. 

  1. Grateful to drive an SUV with winter tires. The weather wasn't great today and it had snowed a bunch ver night. So it was a blessing to have a vehicle that was able to handle the snow and driving conditions.
  2. Coming home to a delicious home cooked meal. 
  3. Quality time with my wife. I know I have found my soulmate, when simply being close to each other is enough for us both to feel connected and energized by each other's presence. Though we aren't always chatting when "hanging out" we are bonded and connected.
  4. Easy to shovel snow. It may have snowed a fair bit over night. But the snow was super easy to shovel and didn't take long at all.
  5. The endless energy of my son. Seeing him having an endless amount of energy and desire for life. Is an inspiration to never slow down and keep on-going.


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