5 DAILY GRATITUDES - February 6th 2024


In this series of Blogs, I'm going to be expressing 5 things I'm grateful for daily. Focusing on the positives within our lives is proven to bring us more happiness & attraction of more positives! I hope that by reading this daily Blog; it inspires you to find the things you're grateful for and be able to express thanks for them as well.

  1. Today is my "brother's" birthday. Though we aren't blood related, our friendship has lasted 35 years and been through some ups and downs. So I'm grateful for our continued friendship.
  2. Having a culture within my business that attracts high quality people to stay and have others want to join us. Our focus has been on retention over recruitment by creating a culture of positivity and success.
  3. Receiving a waiver of conditions on one of my listings. This creates such joy in my client's life that I'm grateful to be able to deliver the exciting news.
  4. The look of joy and love whenever my son sees me. The smile that overcomes his face and the screaming of dada brings pure happiness and joy to my life.
  5. I'm grateful to feel younger than what my age states on my birth certificate. I have never felt my age and have always felt younger; and I'm blessed that this feeling continues to this day!


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